In order to choose the size of your bracelet,

please add about 1 cm more

at your wrist turn so this one

do not be too tight, if you prefer it more

lousse choose a bigger size.


Example: My wrist measures 16 cm,

the ideal size is therefore the (S) Small..

(XS) Très Petit / Extra Small

16 cm (~ 6,5 po)

(S) Petit / Small

17 cm  (~ 6,75 po)

(M) Moyen / Standard

18 cm (~ 7 po)

(L) Grand / Large

19 cm (~ 7,5 po)

(XL) Très grand / Extra large

20 cm (~ 8 po)

(XXL) Très très grand / X Extra Large

21 cm (~ 8,5 po)


Image in visual reference only. It is best to measure your neck before determining your size. You can help yourself with a string.

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